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Rent Apartments and Houses in Fort St John British Columbia

Located in northeastern BC, Fort St. John has been dubbed the “Energy City” for its numerous energy-related workers. But being the largest city on the Alaska Highway is the greatest claim to fame. That makes it the highway tourism hotspot and ideal for lovers of road trips, as it offers convenient access to other parts of BC, Alberta, and Alaska. Most locals come to the city for jobs, normally in tourism, agriculture, or the energy sector, but they remain because of the young, family-oriented vibe of the city. Just be mindful of the fact that the position of the city along the highway means that a lot of strangers come and go, making the city sound more like an urban hub than a tight neighborhood.

Looking for homes for rent that are detached? Fort St. John has you covered. If you're looking for Fort St. John rental properties, you'll be glad to find out that most of the properties available come at a reasonable price. Houses for rent in Fort St. John can be difficult to locate, since people enjoy the neighborhood so much that they never move out!