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Rent Apartments and Houses in Nelson British Columbia

Nelson is among the lost jewels in Canada. Nestled along the West Arm of Kootenay Lake in the Selkirk Mountains, the lively mountain town of about 10,000 inhabitants boasts a rare mix of history, leisure, entertainment and imagination. It's been dubbed the best ski town in North America and the best regional arts and entertainment town in Canada for good reason. There is lots of art on Nelson's Baker Street, in stores, galleries, and also in the streets and alleys.

The historical tradition, visible in the more than 350 preserved heritage buildings, blends with a diverse new arts and cultural scene. The vast array of winter and summer leisure events draws outdoor enthusiasts all year round. Creatives, developers, and urban immigrants can find that Nelson has double to three times the size to deliver more than other towns. Known as the Queen City, Nelson has renovated more heritage structures per capita than anywhere else in the BC province. Houses for rent in Nelson are most ideal for people with a knack for history.

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