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Rent Apartments and Houses in Camrose Alberta

Camrose is a small community known for hockey, growing and the Camrose Rose in eastern Alberta. In the summer, Camrose blooms with lovely wild roses that are robust enough to withstand the harsh weather that comes to this part of Canada, with incredibly hot summers and bitter winters, dubbed "Rose City." The land surrounding Camrose is incredibly rich, which is a major factor in Camrose 's development as a farm-based community. The economic factors of Canmore are slowly moving today, towards manufacturing and retail services.

Host of the Jamboree Big Valley, people living in Camrose enjoy music almost as much as they enjoy hockey. In the city, there are three arenas: Encana Arena, Max McLean Arena and Border Paving Arena, the latter with more than 300 seats. Families in Canmore enjoy a number of parks, such as Mirror Lake, home to dozens of swans, Stoney Creek's green areas, and Jubilee Park. If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Camrose: Prices are affordable and there is usually plenty of places to choose from.