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Rent Apartments and Houses in Chilliwack British Columbia

Several amalgamated villages and communities make up Chilliwack. The downtown area has a north-south path that is distinctly bisected by the Trans-Canada Highway. The town is bordered by the Fraser River in the north, the Eastern Hillsides in the east, the Canada-U.S. boundary in the south, and the Vedder Canal in the west. With natural majestic beauty, ample leisure and entertainment options and a sound business market, including thriving farming, manufacturing and commercial sectors, Chilliwack is well situated within British Columbia. The town has a population of around 91,000. Owing to its low tax rates, reasonable living costs and outstanding quality of life, people want to rent houses in Chilliwack.

There is an active alternative music scene in Chilliwack, concentrating mainly on local ska and punk rock artists. Bands based in Chilliwack include: The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, and Mystery Computer. Chilliwack also has a vibrant classical music culture like the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra. Chilliwack is located in one of BC's fastest developing locations. The demographic and job growth of Chilliwack have outpaced other municipalities and the pattern is projected to continue, supplying our local economy with new opportunities.