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Rent Apartments and Houses in Langley British Columbia

Langley is marketed as "the place to be" 40 minutes outside Vancouver and rightfully so as it has a lot to offer. It has plenty of schools and recreational sports, bringing in communities. It also has the National Historic Site of Fort Langley, which attracts over 60,000 individuals a year to the area. However, amid all this, Langley is often overlooked as only being a Vancouver bedroom city. Just that Langley isn't the city's bedroom city. That's it. It really has its own things going on, too! If you're hunting for an apartment for rent in Langley, you're going to face a whole bunch of houses for rent in Langley.

Many rental listings for Langley are 3-bedrooms or more and provide facilities such as dishwashers and yards. Even a spa, even! Although it is almost impossible to find studios and one-bedroom unit rentals in Langley, there are some bigger condos and residences, including some premium rentals. While there is a fair range of ages seen in Langley, there is a significantly higher demographic in their 30s. This should come as no surprise, as Langley attracts young people who cannot afford to live adequately in Vancouver.