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Rent Apartments and Houses in North Vancouver British Columbia

Life is very suburban in North Vancouver, but with stunning natural beauty! At the base of the Coastal Mountains, North Vancouver is located, with some of the best outdoor action occurring only a few minutes' drive from your doorstep. As in other suburbs, North Vancouver is where the family arrives first. Residents prefer to spend a good portion of their time at work or with their children. Day trips are popular on the weekends. Locals either travel north to the mountains or south to properly drop into Vancouver.

Like Vancouver proper, there are several absolutely stunning apartments for rent in North Vancouver and houses for rent in North Vancouver with views to die for. Existing houses, new houses, condos, high-rises, low-rises are all here. You will get views of the mountains and the coasts, facilities and everything else that you would possibly desire. And all of this, like Vancouver, would cost you an arm and a leg! At this point, the contrast of rentals in this region with other areas of Canada is almost meaningless. Compared to Vancouver and Toronto, North Vancouver is a steal.