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Rent Apartments and Houses in Saanich British Columbia

The oldest school building in Western Canada is situated in Saanich, the Craigflower Schoolhouse (originally named Maple Point School). For planning purposes, Saanich is divided into twelve municipal regions. In addition, in the municipality there are a variety of collective associations serving districts that largely overlap with the industrial communities. From Blenkinsop; a village that is predominantly pastoral in a valley west of Mount Douglas. Represented by the Neighborhood Group of the Blenkinsop Valley. To Bay Cadboro; a small village on the eastern side of Saanich, bordering Oak Bay, near Victoria University. The neighborhood also contains Ten Mile Point's upscale waterfront neighborhood.

The northeastern part of the third largest university in British Columbia, the University of Victoria campus, is in Saanich, while the adjacent Oak Bay is the southwest section. Saanich is also the birthplace of Camosun College's two main campuses, the original Lansdowne campus, and the Interurban campus. Saanich is split into School District 61 Greater Victoria and School District 63 Saanich, two bordering school districts. It is also the home of the school for South Island Distance Education. Houses and apartments for rent in Saanich are ideal for those looking for older developed cities with a refined culture.