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The past and current identity of Dieppe stretches back to the eighteenth century. Formerly known as Leger's Corner, it was incorporated under the name Dieppe as a village in 1952, and named as a village in 2003. To celebrate the Second World War 's Operation Jubilee, the Dieppe Raid of 1942, the name Dieppe was adopted by the people of the city in 1946. It is officially a Francophone city; French is 73.9 per cent of the population's native language. A majority of the population records being bilingual, both French-speaking and English-speaking. People typically speak French with a localized dialect (colloquially called "Chiac") peculiar to southeastern NB.

There are both shopping and entertainment venues in the downtown district. Businesses, professionals, financial companies, apartment buildings, hotels, a public park, a community center and a farmers' market are clustered next to the town hall. In the municipal building, the Dieppe Public Library, which is part of the New Brunswick Public Library System, offers very modern services. The retail sector primarily lies on Paul and Champlain Streets. Homes for rent and apartments for rent in Dieppe are best suited for Francophones looking for a small community.

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