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Rent Apartments and Houses in Saint John New Brunswick

Saint John in New Brunswick is right on Bay of Fundy, not to be confused with St. John's in Newfoundland as they often are. Houses for rent in Saint John have been rising in demand with people taking advantage of the Instagram worthy landscape, and one of New Brunswick’s largest and busiest ports. Housing prices are on the rise in Saint John as are many areas in Canada.

Add growing popularity to the neighborhood and it's not going to be long before rents shoot up. That means it's now a good time to lock up a place! It is virtually impossible to find available apartments, houses for rent in Saint John are a much easier option to find, but still becoming increasingly difficult to source. Above all, the residents of Saint John are known for their friendliness. They’re warm and conversationally open. Saint John is a popular location for seniors, because of the community spirt, so there's a large older population. There's a younger demographic boom in the city too. And regardless of your age, if you want to be part of the culture here, you’re going to be invited in with open arms!

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