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Rent Apartments and Houses in St. Catharines Ontario

St. Catharines, the center of the Niagara Area is renowned for its breath-taking landscape. It has over 1,000 acres of gardens, beaches, and trails-all cared for impeccably. St. Catharines, in sharp comparison to its manicured grounds, is a major distribution center, housing General Motors' Canadian branch. In fact, most people in the region either work in fabrication or telecommunications. St. Catharines locals love going out and about, loving the mild weather of the city all year long, while not at work.

St. Catharines has its own climate influenced by the Niagara Falls region unlike the rest of Southern Ontario, where the winters are harsh; making it ideal for people sensitive to weather looking to rent houses in St. Catherines. Although there is a large low-income population in St. Catharines, it can be daunting for other low-income Canadians to relocate to the area, as affordable housing units are continually in short supply. However for those willing to stretch their wallet, high end houses for rent are available for rent in St. Catharines. Strong sports culture, wine tours, museums and art cultures are all common in St. Catharines.